We make every effort to ensure a seamless user experience for our service volunteers. However, sometimes issues occur. Please refer to the following list for solutions to common problems.

Q. How do I find a volunteer opportunity in my area and sign-up?

Start by finding a project. Then, select a city. A list of organizations in your area that need volunteers will pop up. Review the listed organizations to see specific information on volunteer opportunities, including rules/regulations, duties and available time slots. Click Volunteer and fill out the form.  You will need to choose a duty and a time slot to complete the sign-up process. Once complete, click Submit and look for a confirmation email in your inbox with official details.

Q. How do I report a service opportunity as complete?

Volunteers do not need to report their time served. For grant eligibility, organizations are responsible for reporting all details of their service project after completion.

Q. I signed up for a volunteer opportunity but am no longer able to participate. How do I cancel?

Contact and let them know that you are no longer able to serve. Please provide the name of the organization you signed-up for, as well as the service time, duty and number of volunteers.

Q. How can I get an organization added to your list?

All organizations for this year’s Serve Your City initiative have been selected and finalized. If you don’t see a particular organization in your area, it’s possible they were unaware of the initiative, or do not meet our eligibility criteria. If you have an eligible organization in mind that you believe would be a good fit, please feel free to contact them directly, and encourage them to get in touch with us about future service initiatives. You may also nominate organizations by contacting us at